Business Talent Network

Drupal Multisite platform for students to discover various events and connect with the companies based on their interest and preferences.
We moved this client from custom PHP website to Drupal, using multisite feature and Domains module to make website look a bit different but share both content and users.


Developed from ground up on Drupal for a cloud storage service provider. Responsive design, e-commerce with integrated Google Wallet as a payment option and coupon management, invitations and user rewarding system.

CEO Update

We moved this client away from proprietary .NET platform to Drupal, merging 2 of their websites, CEO Update and Association Intel into one. The result is clean and fast website with prompt response compared to the old solution that got subscribers waiting for 2 minutes when performing search.

Canada Jobs

Job search platform using Drupal and Apache Solr. They process around 200.000 jobs gathered in XML files from other sites in Canada. We created custom entity in order to provide faster backend for this amount of data that shifts daily. Compared to standard approach, content type with fields attached to it, this brought down daily import from 18 hours to 15 minutes!


Drupal website we did for local company that is servicing commercial cooling equipment for all major brands and events. Beside informational part of the site there is a customer portal where they can enter new service requests and view status of current ones. This part is connected to internal MSSQL database of the company.